September 24, 2011

my feeling .

why you so hated with me .
angry with me . stress with me .
all of negative thinking about me .

if u show me that you love me .
i'll prove that i am not as you think .

please take me away with you .
anywere with you .

but .

i dont know what u want i do .
please .
dont make me cry .

if you really hate me , just say it .
if you really love me , say it loudly .

i think if you really do not need me .
i had to make my own path .

all that i say becouse i dont get a true love from you .
sorry . i dont want to be a man who easily to game .

i want you know .
i miss and love you .

September 18, 2011

tips yang perlu aku buat :)

1) jadi diri sendiri...

2) jage kebersihan diri...( be smart)

3) kene snyum selalu :)....

4) jangan desprate sangat ...

boley ke aku ikot tips nie...i will try my best :)

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